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[ Lifetime Premium VPN ]

Safe Wi-fi

Check your bank balance, buy online, and more at public hotspots using Lifetime Premium VPN’s super-safe advanced VPN service. Just click and you’re in. Whatever you do online, it’s as safe as if you were doing it at home. Safer, actually. In fact, it’s safer than if you were actually at the bank or store.

Unrestricted Internet

Filtered, blocked Internet is like visiting a library filled with only the books your aunt likes. Just hop on Lifetime Premium VPN and get instant access to the social websites, VoIP applications, P2P services and media content that may be restricted in your country or region. Experience the Internet with no censorship with Lifetime Premium VPN.

Complete Privacy

Lifetime Premium VPN gives you a private and fast path through the public Internet. All your data is protected every step of the way using revolutionary 2048-bit SSL encryption even a supercomputer can’t crack.

Easiest VPN Ever

To get on Lifetime Premium VPN, just click and go. Lifetime Premium VPN’s secure virtual private network software takes care of all the hard stuff so you can focus on fun stuff. And work stuff, if you have to.

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[ Features ]

  • + 13 VPN Locations, 150+ servers and growing everyday
  • + Best price for premium VPN service
  • + No annual payments, buy once use lifetime
  • + One-click connect, no ads
  • + Protect your privacy
  • + No bandwidth Limit
  • + Avoid online threats
  • + Unblock region-specific content
  • + Top Level Data Encryption
  • + Fully Anonymous, no registration required
  • + No-log policy
  • + Unblock any censored content
  • + Keep your internet secure
  • + Hide your ip address
  • + 7 Days money back guarantee on Google Play